When things get hefty....BREAK OUT THE LEFTY!!

Hi! Been a while since we managed to post anything! Just to let you know, the album is going great guns and we are running low on vinyl, which is BRILLIANT, so make sure you get on to our band camp when you can!

While we've been away, we haven't been quiet. We've done a load of gigs in the last few weeks and they were marvellous mayhem. Just one problem.... due to none of us knowing how to read the calendar correctly, the were some scheduling issues so we had to call in some big guns. First one was the Brum Punx Picnic and Stuntman was MIA so we got our mate and producer Jon Priestly (GODFATHERS) in and he was an absolute maniac! Dayum that boy can play the guitar!! Its a good job he knows our songs inside out! It was a real honour to share a stage with him.

The next show we kind of lost our stand in stand in, so we had to get another stand in on the morning of the gig, so we called up another guitar hero at short notice. Tom The Bastard Harris (FACE UP!) learnt the album in an hour and never dropped a note all night!! The kid is ice cold. I kept just standing there watching him shred, when i should have been doing my own thing haha!

We thought we couldn't have any more dramas and then fucking covid kicked in so we had to ask Gav (FACE UP!) to step in on bass again at the last minute and he was outstanding as well! He even broke his toe on the first night and still bossed it at gig no.2!!

We cannot thank the guys for helping us out and covering for us these last few weeks. It was an honour to play with such ace mates and great guitar players.

Hopefully, that will be the end of the madness for a bit now. We went into the practice room this week for the first time as a full band in about three months, something that has never happened outside of lockdown and (amazingly) we killed it stone dead. It was ace to be together again and we sounded really tight. We even played through a new song and that kicked it as well, which is good because we have ROTFEST coming up next week and that is gonna be fantastic. Our good mates ROTUNDA's 25th anniversary gig with special guests RATBONES at the Asylum in Brum. We owe them a good show so we are all revved up for it.

There's plenty going on in the background as well, some great gigs are being booked, so watch out for them.

We are also up to our ears in prep for album no. 2 as well. More to come on that soon......

Thanks again for all your support, we'll see you down the front!

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