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We are SUCKERPUNCH, a Punk Rock 4 piece from Birmingham, England. We have been together since late 2015 and in that time, we have gigged and toured relentlessly, playing with some of the biggest and best Punk bands from the UK and around the world including The Casualties, Drongos for Europe, Old Firm Casuals to name a few. We live to gig. Its what we are good at.

We play it fast. And loud.

 We owe a lot to The Wildhearts, Discharge, GBH and Rancid amongst a lot of others. Put all that together and you kind of get where we are coming from. We pride ourselves on our live show and take the roof off.


We have released three EP’s, and our debut album An Eye For A Lie is out now on Obsessive Records.



Craig – Bass / Vocals

Joe– Guitar / Vocals

Jay Jay Khaos - Drums

Neil – Vocals / Guitar

For bookings, please email –

Media Links

Facebook -

Instagram - @suckerpunch_punk

Twitter - @suckerpunch_77

Bandcamp -

Youtube -

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