We did some mad shit in 2019 yo!

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

With the car crash that is 2019 coming to an end, i thought i'd do a wash up - look at what we did and didn't die thing.

We (somehow) managed to play with THE OLD FIRM CASUALS, THE CASUALTIES, COCKNEY REJECTS all within the first two months of the year. We went on tour with our bezzers FACE UP, ANGRY ITCH and the Bunny Boiler Records Crew (RIP). We played LIARS CLUB, SMASHFEST, MENTAL FEST and REBELLION and managed to do a few charity benefits for Cancer research as well. We did our annual EURO tour as well, check out the write up for #CanIUseYourToiletTour . Later in the year we played our first ever wedding and did three tunes by THE DRONGOS FOR EUROPE with Tommy Drongo on vocals. That was a massive highlight of 2019 and the crowd fucking loved it.

Our last show was a late addition to the Brum Punx Christmas bash opening up for the Gods that are GBH. This was the second time this year we've played with them, and even though they are proper gentlemen and we are lucky to call them mates, its still muvvafuckin GBH innit? Knees where a knockin a little, but we fucking smashed it. I think going on first helped, Jays third gig went really well and we sold an absolute shed load of merch.

All in all we've had an absolute scream this year. There's been some ups and downs as usual, but i think the phrase 'but did you die though?' rings proper true for this band in everything we do. I would just like to big up Craig, Dead Mob Rob, Jay Jay Khaos and the Stuntman for being the best bunch of un-hinged dingbats ever and for making this year go so well.

2020 plans are starting to take shape now. We have pre-production on the album starting next month and i know its been a long time coming, but we want it to be brilliant and not just blast it out for the sake of it. The thank you list grows every fucking day, so please keep an eye out!

Social Media plays a big part in any bands existence these days and we've managed to grow the PunchBag Crew to an all time high. We love the bones of you and can't thank you all enough for the support you have given us so far..

Right then, that's it... Two days left of this year.. The Age of the Weaponized Idiot.

What ever you get up to, be safe, look after each other and we'll see you in 2020. Where there's still no flying fucking cars or any of the cool shit that was promised.

Big luvs to you all.


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