We. Are. DONE!

Alright! We are at the point were I never thought we would get to - we have the masters back for #AEFAL and i know I'm biased but it sounds HUGE. James Livett has done a cracking job on the mastering and has made it sound amazing. Here's a link to his website

We have worked our bits off on this record and I hope you all like it. We plan to release a single and video soon and then the album proper not long after that. We are doing a pre-order for the CD and limited edition vinyl so keep an eye out on the socials for details. There will be a free poster with it as well. I wanted to post it on here but I have been told off already by the band. We had it made by a wicked artist called James Booth and its incredible, but you'll just have to wait (and buy the album!)

So what happens now? Well, we are all jabbed up (thank you scientists), we are back in the practice room (thank you Robannas) and we are working on album no.2 straight away. We have one song finished, two more in the pipeline and 20 others on the pile to be picked apart and worked on. No. 2 wont take as long as the debut, i promise, so while we are doing all that, what we need is gigs. Lots and lots of gigs. After a year and a bit off doing what we do best, we need to get out on the road (we got an album to promote!)

So if any promoters or bands are reading this and want to put us on email and we'll go from there. Likewise, if its gig swaps you are after, our singer is part of the Birmingham Punx Collective and i'm sure we can work something out with that too.

We have some gigs coming up as from next month so its back to pracco and try to get some match fitness back, its going well, but there's a LOT of sweating, swearing and laffin at each other when we arse bits of songs up we've played a million times. To be expected though. Just know we will be fighting fit by the time we play with THEE ACID TONGUE next month. Just hope they don't sabotage us like last time haha!

The TOUR tab has been updated with the gigs coming up as well, so check it out!

Take care of yourselves the PunchBag Crew, the next post might have more exciting news than me rambling on about gods knows whos whats what and that.

Stay Safe,


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