Well then, the first single from AN EYE FOR A LIE is out now for a name your price download on Bandcamp - its also on all the streaming services if that's your bag too - please listen to BABY KAYFABE!

We had a posh new video released for this single as well and you can find it here - featuring guest vocals from the awesome JD DELERICT from JD and the FDC's!

In a week of it being all go, the single and video came out and the vinyl test pressings landed for us to check over before going into production. After all the hard work, we are now seeing the actual end product on the horizon and its been a really ace few days.

We even did a gig! I KNOW RIGHT???

On the 5th June we opened for our mates THEE ACID TONGUE at the ARCHES VENUE in Coventry. It was sold out months ago and although it was a socially distanced affair, the atmosphere in the room was amazing when kicked into our set. Neil very nearly choked and there were a few tears in eyes as the whole crowd ROARED when we came on. After 15 months of no shows, this was a really emotional night. We can't thank the bands, venue, crew and crowd enough. We weren't match fit, but we gave it our all as usual and it was ace. More to come if we ever get our of lockdown properly and If you want to know what it felt like, check the faces in the pic by Martin Power Photography!

In other news, we are super chuffed to now be working with the awesome IRON MAN RECORDS from Birmingham UK. We are really pleased to be part of it all and are looking forward to working with them on new stuff. Check them out here -

IRON MAN are a seriously great label and we can't wait to get involved - more to come on this soon!

Enjoy the sun and listen to BABY KAYFABE!


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