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Well we did it - our new video is out and we are chuffed to bits with it. Filmed by the super talented Tom AK from FACE UP at THE FACELESS TATTOO COMPANY last month. Tony Gaskin from STAGEDIVE PHOTOS took some super posh BTS pics as well. The YouTube link is here - please check it out!

Just wanted to share it on the website as well and say thanks to everyone involved, we can't wait for the next one. Apparently there will be

fire and stuff in that one. What's the worst that can happen?

We promoted this one as much as we could to drum up some interest instead of just dropping it and moaning no one was watching so, naturally, we sent it off along with the EPK to some of the people we follow on social media that share DIY bands content. Most of them were really supportive, and adopt a we share, you share mentality which we are happy to do. Its part of the DIY ethos I guess and I think most bands take that as a sort of given. We aren't asking for anything for free, just a mutual collaboration if you will (I hate that word as it just conjures images of horrible influencers and all the online things we aren't massive fans of), but if you get where I am coming from, you'll understand.

Well, we sent it to someone who at first seemed massively in favour of helping to share our new video and add us to some playlists and then the PayPal links get sent, asking for donations. I can understand it in some ways, but it was a definite red flag. What happened to helping each other out? None of us earn a penny out of doing what we love doing and we all pour more than our fair share of time and effort into promoting the scene and other bands and sites music and merch, because it's the right thing to do. I guess there is no such thing as a free lunch, but judging by this particular site, there must have been a hell of a lot of bands that have paid to get on to their playlists etc. Its not what we are about at all. We wouldn't pay to play a gig, so there is no chance we are paying for some one to press a share button!

I think over all the years we have been going as a band, we have been offered one pay to play gig which we laughed down the phone at, so we are spoiled I guess.

Check out a song called Kelly's Missing by the awesome CODENAME COLIN and it tells the story perfectly.

Any way, without this turning into a rant of the pitfalls of the music business and social media in general, I guess I can summarise it by just saying FUCK PAY TO PLAY.

Our next show is a hometown one with the ace BIG DRINK at SCRUFFY MURPHYS on the 22nd April. Its a Friday, so no excuse not to drop a foot and maybe hear a new tune as well! Please check out the tour tab for the updated gig list and make sure you share the shit out of the video ( we will pay in thoughts and prayers, next time they are free!)

Take care of yourselves, its getting moody out there.


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