The kids gone Doolally Tap!!

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Hi all!

Long time no nothing really.... This is a bit weird innit? Gigs cancelled, practice cancelled, life cancelled. It's still all a bit surreal, like we are all in some seriously rubbish monster movie, but with no zombies (unless you think 5G antennas give you COVID-19). Thing is though, this is real life and people are dying, so the fact that we are having to for go some fun for a while is a small price to pay to keep people alive. I know its tough, but i know we will get through this and come out the other side better people. This whole thing has proven that its not the billionaires or the big corporations that we rely on, it's the nurse, the doctor, the teacher, the shop assistant, the fecking bin dudes that keep us going, Its now obvious that we have to have a re-think on how we live our lives and that we can look out for one another. We can be better, We don't need half of what we have, and we certainly don't need to panic buy fucking toilet roll and bread that goes off in a week and you have to throw it away. I am certain none of the PunchBag Crew did that because you are all cool as fuck innit.

I've moaned about the lack of music, but to be honest its what has kept me going as usual. I think i've missed making music with my friends more than anything. Like most, music has gotten me through some of the weirdest, worst shit ever and that has not changed through all of this. In fact, if anything, its given me more focus.

I managed to get a small recording thing that i can plug my guitar in and record some new ideas for songs so we will probably have written the second album before we record the first fucker, If that's the case we will record them both at the same time and release a 20 track concept album or some shit like that!

I've seen bands and musicians

adapt, improvise and overcome the lockdown. I've seen amazing sets from living rooms and back yards, poetry and art blasting through social media and watch parties and its made me really happy to be honest.

The Punk Scene has been utterly brilliant through out all of this. We have regular video calls and an online tinternet pub quiz on saturdays, We've even managed to record episodes of the podcast from three different locations at the same time and some of the messages i've had have been outrageously savage, yet brimming with spirit and the one thing that keeps us going - Community. That's what i hope survives this most and i am certain it will. We will support the venue's, we will support the bands, we will support the scene, because that's who we are, Its what we do, and i am proud to know each and every one of you.

Anyway, it's not all doom and gloom. There will be an end to this shit soon and we can get back to doing what we do best.

Mel the Merch Witch will batter me if i dont mention it so if you are after a PunchBag Crew hoodie, the pre - order is still on until the end of April. Just message our facebook page and we'll take it from there, These are ace as well.

Until then, please keep yourselves sane, happy and healthy, wash yer fecking hands and we will ALL be back down the front soon.

Big Luvs,


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