We were there at the 20th Anniversary so it was only fitting we were there at the 25th!

25 years of the best band in the world ROTUNDA!!!

The gig was arranged and promoted by our mates SMASHFEST PROMOTIONS who replaced their annual Punk / Metal hybrid show with a full on line up to support the ROTTERS.

First up was the newly formed four piece BIG BLACK EYE. We have played with them loads as three piece, but they have totally stepped up a gear with the addition of their new guitar and bass player. Ace band and really good bunch


Next was another band that we love to bits BLACK MARKET BEAT bringing the Ska blast punk all the way from Wolvo. We are hoping to get out to Europe with them soon as I reckon that they would go down so well there.

Third on the bill was your reigning, defending, friendly neighbourhood SUCKERPUNCH!

This gig meant a lot to us for obvious reasons. From Rotunda giving us our first gigs, to us covering PUNK ROCK CASUALTIES, to them being total legends to us for ever, we couldn't let them down. After the last 6 gigs of missing in actions and only having one rehearsal as a full band in about three months, we blew the absolute tits off of ROTFEST.

Shouldn't really say that, but with the help of the PunchBag Crew (The BEST crowd we have played to all year) we really had a good time. Big Luvs to DANNY DRONGO and TONY GASKIN and DAMIEN JOHN PHOTOGRAPHY for getting involved and taking some ace pics

Hosts FACE UP came next and though we were mostly outside for their set hyperventilating and trying not to puke, we caught the back end of the mayhem and they need no big ups from us. FU! are the real fucking deal and bring it. Every. Time.

Then we had the special guests RATBONES!!! Returning to the stage for the first time in 12 years they absolutely killed it. I hope they come back and tour again as they were incredible. Helped out by Austin from the HIP PRIESTS on guitar, the place was now a sweaty fucking mess.


ROTUNDA. What can I say??? I love this band. Everyone in the packed ASYLUM loves them. They were ace. 20 songs blasted out one after the other like it was 1996 again! They teared into their set and everyone had the best time ever. Gav FACE UP went over the barrier about 20 times, songs were sung, beer was drank. WHAT. A. DOSS.

We have a couple of weeks until our next show on the 14th November with BOOZE AND GLORY at the REDRUM in Stafford. Get your tickets as it will be a busy one!


PIC - Stagedive Photography 2021

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