Yesterday we invaded The Faceless Tattoo Studio to film our brand new video for the next Single - Weaponized Idiot. We arrived at midday on a bright Sunday afternoon and got to work. Faceless Tattoo is a brilliant studio in Birmingham and we hope that all the cool stuff there comes out well on the video. There's far too much awesome shit to look at!

It being early afternoon wasn't lost on the neighbours during the drum play through. A nice lady was leaning out the window shouting at us for making too much noise and to tell us all about her raging hangover while Jay was thrashing the place to bits. Luckily she didn't call the cops on us (that would have been brilliant though).

We soon got all our close ups done and under the direction of the brilliant Tom AK from Face Up, we managed to look un-shit and had a great time in the process. We can't thank Tom enough, he is really talented and guided us through the process really easily. Check out his youtube channel as well. He's filmed some ace things.

Also, we had the great Tony Gaskin from Stagedive Photography doing some BTS shots as well, so look out for them!

Lastly, we have to say a HUGE thanks to Keef from FTC for letting us piss off his neighbours and use his brilliant studio for the afternoon. Keep an eye out for the video when its out, if half the footage we shot makes it, it will be brill!

Next up for us is this weekend in Dudvegas with our mates the Liarbilitys and Big Black Eye!

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