Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Around 18 months ago we needed a new drummer. We had recording time planned, a tour to finish and we were pretty much screwed. We did the usual advertising, had loads of interest and were ultimately let down as is the norm when you tell them how many gigs we had planned and how fucking fast we play innit..Luckily, Dead Mob Rob said he'd step in for a bit to help us out. If you've seen this kid play them fecking drums, you'd know we'd hit gold. He didn't mess around either. We played shit loads of gigs, did Rebellion twice, went on tour twice, got mangled a lot and had a massive laugh, all the while he was holding it down with Dead Mob at the same time. Luckily, we managed to de-conflict in the most part.

Eventually, As Dead Mob are getting close to hitting the big time, we knew we had to find a permanent replacement.

Sometimes the universe is watching, and things happen for a reason, so please welcome to the Crew JAY JAY KHAOS!!! Jay is now our full time drummer and a perfect replacement for Rob. He's hit the ground running and has smashed the set already. We have some big things planned for the new year so watch this fucking space! Jay popped his SP cherry last week in Derby and blew the place apart. Welcome on board Brother!

SUCKERPUNCH would like to thank Rob and the Dead Mob lads for helping us out over the last few months, He will always be a massive part of the crew, even though he still keeps shitting up our rehearsal room and nicking the merch.

We play our last gig of the year on the 27th December, check out our facebook page for details.

We'll do a fucking thank you 2019 wash up thing over the xmess holidays when we are all shaking like shitting dogs because we've been on it for two weeks. Well everyone but Neil as hes still dryer than a camels toe. An actual camels toe, the prick.

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