Keep an EYE out...

Morning! Just a quick note to say that the pre-ordered CDs are now in the post so you should be getting them within the next few days. The downloads will be emailed to everyone on Friday from Bandcamp so you can listen straight away.

The vinyl copies are still on course for release in September and they are a thing of beauty. We cannot thank you enough for all your support, let us know what you think! - Tag us in on your socials, take pictures and post away.

here's the link in case you missed it -

We are also playing SAVfest 2021 on Friday in aid of the Ian's Chain Suicide Prevention charity. Its totally sold out, so unlucky ducky, but you can still check out their incredible work here -

Check out the tour tab, there are more gigs being added soon, and all you promoters out there, get in touch, we need to get back on the road properly!

Take care, and we'll see you down the front soon.

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