Its 2022 and all is HELL!

Hi all, just realised that the best blog on the internet had been a bit quiet of late so thought i'd update you on all things planet SUCKERPUNCH!

Our last few gigs of the year were suitably crackers as you can expect. We managed to smash through them whilst being proper ill with something other than covid for a change, hangovers that could have killed a pig and an especially acute case of Pop World induced motion sickness. We managed to scrape in to the end of the year almost dead, but not quite. Big ups to all the bands we played with, and all the lovely people who checked us out and bought loads of merch over the last few dates, you were all ace!

Anyway, after a couple of weeks of being drunk we went straight back to the practice room and started smashing into the set and writing new songs for album #2. We have a new merch line coming in the next week or so, that pretty much sums up the UK at the minute. Check out the Weaponized Idiot tees when they land, they are brilliant! Designed by our long time Art wizard Daz Mondo from Binger Creative, these are ace for the truly crazy times we live in. Keep an eye on the webstores as these will fly out.

This weekend we are up norf with our mates the Leech Bleeders and Disstraxx at the Blind Pig in Sowerby Bridge. We does like playing in the North, everyone is really friendly and love live music, so that will proper do for us!

Last weekend, Neil went to see a brill show at the Redrum in Stafford. Leech Bleeders, Angry Itch and Thee Acid Tongue all wrecked the joint. It was great to see a packed room going crackers again, and so many pals enjoying themselves.

We are also busy planning our first European Tour since the pandemic kicked off. We have a few dates already, but always happy to play more, so Euro pals, let us know of any dates in early October and we can book them in! Cannot wait to get back out there.

That's it for now, i have updated the gig lists on the Tour Tab

so make sure you get to them if you can and we'll have a dance off. Until then, stay safe, protect each other, wear a mask and fucking fuck the fucking Tories to fuck the fucking fuck pigs!


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