Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Thursday last week we went to play a charity show for Musicians Against Homelessness at DEAD WAX DIGBETH. Some may know it as the WAGON, The Brum Punx Holy site.

We had played the Wagon more times than we can remember, so making our first trip back since the takeover was a bit weird at first, We wanted to hate it, slap it down for being another soulless venue in the hipster revolution that is rampaging through the town. But you know what...? I really liked what they have done to the place, its defo not the wagon anymore and never will be, but the new owners have done a great job in updating it and the venue was ace. We played with some newer bands that we wouldn't necessarily get the chance to and the gig was wicked. THE SCUMBAGS opened the show and proper got the bags in. Keep an eye out for these guys, they are ace live. Next up was HOT LITTLE HANDS, fronted by the awesome Daisy Savage, these guys kicked it big time with a groove that reminded me of early TOOL. Main support was SHANGHAI TREASON who throw down with some serious musicianship. They reminded me a lot like FEROCIOUS DOG and ROUGHNECK RIOT. A lazy comparison for sure, but they really impressed me. I think i would like to get them back to Brum again real soon, They were ace lads as well and headed off back to Sheffield to finish their run of shows with a hometown riot at the CORPORATION.

We then got set up and it was nearly time to do what we do. Looking around the room, we had a decent crowd for a school night, and i would like to big up the brave souls who came out and danced themselves stupid. It was Craigs birthday as well and the DRONGOS made sure he was well supplied with Grow Portion all the way through the gig. We sold a tonne of merch and our live EP is now SOLD OUT on CD!!!

We had a great night and Jesse the sound engineer did a fantastic job. Watch this space, as there will be more Punk Rock shows at DEAD WAX in the future i reckon.

For more information on CRISIS and the ace work they do, clickety click here -

Next up, we are going on the road with the almighty UNHOLY ALLIANCE for a couple of shows and we make our Welsh debut at the Dolls House! We can't wait for these gigs, we supported them in Manchester at P4P recently and they smash the place up. These gigs will be awesome. Big respect to ALMA for doing a wicked job promoting the show, we were even in the paper!

Album prep is still going great guns and we've been writing new songs for album #2 as well. Its all go innit?

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