Click track a go go!

Evening all! Been a bit quiet recently on the website... blog..thing...

When i was a kid, if bands went quiet, they were holed up in the studio or on hiatus. Which usually meant they were all in rehab after too many nights on the after eights and the curly wurlys. Well the truth of the matter is, we have been holed up in the studio, the chocolate intake has been overwhelming and the fact that we've driven ourselves insane is the two words most musicians fear - CLICK TRACK.

We've booked ourselves studio time in April and May to finally do our album, a year after we started it.

Since December, we have taken every note of every riff of every song we have apart and deconstructed it all down to its component parts and put it to the click track in order to make the recording process easier. Some bands we've spoken to about it weren't impressed. In fact, i think they would rather wipe their arses with a broken bottle than put themselves through the absolute mental torture of the electronic metronome. Good job we are already certified hat stand and took it as a perverse challenge. Don't get me wrong, it was fucking nails at first - Click click wrong! Stop! Do it again, Click click wrong! Stop do it again. Eventually though, once we had got over ourselves and perfected the technology side of it, driven on by the click track master The Stuntman, we finally learned to take our medicine.

So far, so good. We have made brilliant progress and have only three songs to finish putting through the grinder and we are seeing the benefits already.

Last weekend, we managed to escape the studio and travel oop norf to Manchester to play at the world famous STAR and GARTER as part of the Punk 4 Pam fest. Massive thanks to STP records and Jase Carrol for putting us on, and it was testament to all their hard work that we had a huge crowd watch us from the start. It was an ace show and we blew some cobwebs off after nearly 6 weeks off the road. We then had a few sociable drinks with the rest of the Brum Punx that had invaded P4P on the saturday. It was a mad gig that raised over 3.5k over the weekend,

Sunday rolled round and it was time to stop plotting Craigs downfall as he had been doing motorbike impressions all night again and fuck off to Rotherham for our second show with THEE ACID TONGUE. Props to the promoter and sound guys who managed to move the entire gig within 24hrs as the original venue had flooded . We loaded in after a top drive through the Pennines and went for some food as we were all hank marvin. We went into one bar and literally the place stopped and the juke box went off. A friendly local pointed us to where we could get some food and we shuffled off to eat beige food with the early drinkers club (Rotherham) Branch. It was soon time to get to the show and after Neil had a melt down over a single garden Pea, it was Clobberintime.

I'm not sure what was in that fish and chips, but by the time we went on stage the band were fucking feral. We utterly, literally destroyed the place with the help from Steve from Thee Acid Tongue. There is a video on our facebook page of him trying to sabotage us on purpose as well. Check it out.

We finished the weekend tired, deaf and mostly broken down on the M1, but it was awesome to get out and do what we were put on this earth to do.

Our next gig is the 5th March at Dead Wax Digbeth, a hometown show for a change. Cant wait.. It will be strange playing there as its the Wagon, but im curious to see whats up.

This gig is for Musicians against Homelessness, so i hope to see as many of you down the front as possible to support this ace gig!

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