Check out that Baby Face!

How you doin?

You know when you've got a lot of stuff in the pipeline and it never seems to be getting anywhere and you just get excuse after excuse and it drives you to the point where you are ready to collect ears? Well. that was us these last few weeks. Trust me when i tell you that there were some serious hissy fits threatening to be thrown at one point! Luckily, being the masters of zen Buddhism that we are, we managed to calm the fuck down, chill some beans and avoid the angry cry face that no one wants to ever see.

With that in mind then, we have a lot of excite coming your way! I am not aloud to say actual specifics at the moment, but the culmination of all the hard work is very nearly here so please keep an eye on the socials and all will become apparent soon!

We've got some gigs coming up next month as well.


We have been working hard to put a shine on the set and its going well. There even maybe some new songs in there as well, so please make sure you can support the venues and bands and we will take the roof off for you. It doesn't happen without you, dear PunchBag Crew, so if you can, get to these shows!

Short and sweet this one as we are about to make a LOT of noise. Take care, stay safe!


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