Brizzle was a blast!

Our first gig of 2020 was a little bit good. We travelled down to Bristol to support The Blunders and The Subhumans at the world Famous Fleece venue.

We'd always wanted to play the Fleece as its one of them famous joints eh? Like the 100 club or the Wagon. We got there for load in time, and there was no one about, so we ducked into the old pirate boozer next door for a medicinal whisky as it was perishing out side... Well Stuntman did the whisky, Neil blocked the bog and Craig and Jay got lost in the five foot from the van to the pub. Once we re-united and had a beer it was go time.

Jon met us at the load in and showed us around the venue. Wicked stage-wicked sound- feet sticking to the floor- every band that's made it in the last 30 years had played there wicked. We were all a bit chuffed to be there. We loaded in and set up the merch next to the Subhumans super store. I thought we had some shit for sale, but fucking hell, they had the lot! We have to up our game! The Merch Witch had better sort herself out, We want skateboards!!

Any way.. We dossed about backstage and the lads got stuck in to the rider and we chilled until soundcheck. We just about got done as doors opened and loads of the Bristol Punx steamed into the venue, including the Lovely Cheryl from Birmingham Ink Tattoo who ran the merch for us for the night and did a brilliant job with her side chick Madaline.

Nine times kicked off and we went for it like a bunch of feral beasts. It felt like we hadn't done a gig for years when in fact it was only 12 days since we supported GBH. Well we don't do it for show do we so we fucking all kicked it.

We certainly made some new friends and played to a brilliant crowd. We'd love to get back to the fleece again!

The gig was sold out and the Blunders and the Subhumans fucking mashed the place up. We filmed it and recorded the set from the desk so it'll be in a new pop video we are cooking up for when the album lands. I'll do another update on that soon....

Until then, we've got a few dates coming up, but we need more. We like gigs. Gigs like us, if we don't do gigs it means we get in trouble and you don't want that. The less giraffe based onsie crime we're involved in the better in my opinion, so book us and keep us out the nick.

Our next gig is back at the Flag in Watford on the 25th Jan with our brothers the Watford Punk Collective and LOADS of ace bands. Get there, bust a shape, buy some shit off us and get yourself good and drunk, you deserve it.

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