Big Hat Fest and other gigs..

Hello! Been a while again - life gets in the way some times when it comes to updating the blog, but I will try and keep up with it as its quite cathartic and I enjoy waffling about the inner workings of the band. Its a good thing I think.

We've been working hard in the background while the odd gig has come and gone. We are rehearsing and writing as much as we can to get album #2 revved up, and some of the songs we are coming out with are ace, if I do say so myself. Some of them are already in the set, so please let us know what you think.

We've done some ace gigs in the last couple of months, including a smash and grab set at the punk and ska all dayer in Wolverhampton. We all had stuff we couldn't get out of on the day, so had to arrive, blow the place apart and then leg it. We always like to stick around at these events to watch the other bands, but unfortunately we had to get the fuck out of dodge this time. The good news is, that we caused a moshpit, broke the stage and sold a load of merch in the short time we were there. Thanks to the venue for booking us in the first place.

Next up we have a brummy double header as we play twice in June before heading to Slug Fest in Wales. It will be our first time to play there incredibly as all the other times we were booked got harpooned by the pandemic, so we are looking forward to playing that ace festival with great mates as well. Sorry liver, you are fucked!

Any way, back to the brumtown shows. 2nd June at Subside in Digbeth is a free in all dayer with us galoots headlining. If you want to avoid all the flag bothering cucumber sarnies of that lady with the big hat having a piss up, come and drop some foot with some of the best punk bands in brum as she has given us all a day off or something. JT from ROTUNDA is on the lead guitar for this one as the Stuntman is away doing some weird shit with a motorcar.

The next week on the 11th is our return to the Flapper to play Liars Club with our mates THEE ACID TONGUE, THE LIARBILITYS and the DIRTY BARONS. You can get your tickets for this banger from

We also have our headline of SMASHFEST coming up in July too. This will be nearly a year to the day since we released AN EYE FOR A LIE and we realised we didn't get chance to do a hometown album release so we are more than chuffed that we are on this show. You can get tickets for that one at there is an option for a show ticket and signed album bundle on there as well, so treat your earholes and get one before the gig!

That's about it for now, we are always after gigs, so if you do that sort of thing and want to book us up, get an email over.

Take care of yourself, up the punx.


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