Ey up! Well after the latest BIRMINGHAM PUNX COLLECTIVE Halloween Havoc gig at Scruffys, we are buzzing to play our next show. The gig last weekend was an absolute rager and all three bands wrecked the joint. THE SCUMBAGS, THE LIARBILITYS and the incredible ROUGHNECK RIOT put on an amazing show. More importantly, the crowd that packed out the venue, dressed to the nines a day after one of the biggest piss ups of the year where borderline Gods like. There were some seriously impressive hangovers on display as well as the ace costumes and they never stopped dancing for every band.

Never let anyone tell you there is no Punk Scene in Brum, people will travel to good gigs and the BPC show on Sunday proved that. Its brilliant to see, so thank you to everyone who bought a ticket and came to support the gig.

Anyway.... our next show is with the ace BOOZE AND GLORY at REDRUM in Stafford as main support. We are really looking forward to this one and made up to be returning to this awesome venue.

We only have three gigs left in 2021 so make sure you check out the tour tab and come and punch some suckers with us!

We are busy putting new dates and tours together for next year, so if you want to book us, get in touch through socials, or email Jonny Clobberin and we'll take it from there!

There is talk of a new video being done as well, so keep em peeled. If you fancy being in it, let us know!

We are busy writing the follow up to An Eye For A Lie as we speak. There are around 30 demos for us to whittle down to a decent amount of songs for the second album. Some are outrageous, some slightly different to how we usually write and some are just plain brutal ( the kind of make you pull a poo face brutal ). We cannot wait to play some of these live for you, but we may hold on to most of them until the record is done. I dunno. The songs are great, the riffs are badass, the sing a long bits are singalongbit-y and well, you'll just have to wait i guess!


We have a new online shop on the go!! Check out and pick up some new threads and music. More and more merch being added all the time and I heard that the Merch Witch is planning on some ace new tackle, just in time for Xmess!

Take care of yourselves, we'll see you down the front!

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