SUCKERPUNCH are a four piece Punk Rock band from Birmingham, England. We play it  fast innit, and treat every show like its our last day 
on earth. 

SUCKERPUNCH was formed in the winter of 2015

and quickly set about trying to smash the punk

scene to bits while systematically destroying their

livers in the process. The band pride themselves on

their live show, which is ferociously fast and packed 

full of bangers. 

Over the last few years they have played over 200

shows and have played with some of the best punk bands in the UK and from around the world. The band are currently recording their debut album following the release of their first three

EP's :-

Strong and Un-stable 2017

View From the Moodswings 2018

It Goes Like Das (live in Germany) 2019

Their debut album will be released late 2019

on the bands own label, Obsessive Records, Keep an 

eye on their social media for updates!


Craig - Bass / Vocals

Jay Jay Khaos - Drums

Neil - Vocals / Guitar

Stuntman - Guitar / Bowler hats

We use loads of gear that we wont mention as they don't give a fuck about DIY bands, so if they want a plug, send us some free shit and a big bag of money. Safe.

Massive BIG UPS to all the Bands we've played with that weren't dicks, the promoters that put us on and actually paid us, the countless people who have helped us along the way, the Brum Punx, the Mediocre Punx, and everyone who goes and sees a live band and isn't dead from the neck up. Keep the scene alive innit.

We have had the privilege of having some ace photos taken of us live over the years. The photographers at gigs are fucking hero's man. They even mange to make us look half decent and are truly talented people. Its only fair we give them a big thanks, as its usually the only evidence of the shit we get up to most of the time. Check the links to some of the best Tog's on the scene  -

STAGEDIVE PHOTOGRAPHY - https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Artist/Stagedive-Photography-255751900116/

CHRIS HILL PHOTOGRAPHY https://www.facebook.com/ChrisHillPhotographyuk/?ref=br_rs

MOHAWK CALLUM PHOTOS https://www.facebook.com/mohawkcallumphotos/?ref=br_rs

GERALD UNDERWOOD PHOTOGRAPHY  https://www.facebook.com/gerald.underwood.7?eid=ARCZXXCYx2MWvtpNbqLrOvYLGAwbxbVgMq8gQPjkEoTWKK29gwF_y7TsWSAxeqP-eqAlIKqb4klPrir_

Cheers guys, you truly are top of your game!!

And Finally....

Never look down on anyone unless you're giving them a hand up. If you discriminate and hate, fuck off mate. We don't want you around. Stay at home angry cry wanking with your bigotry. Acts of violence don't sit well with us, its old, dull and boring. Jog on.

To the people who ain't afraid to be them selves, live how you want, love who you want to love and make this place better, we will always have your backs.

Be excellent to one another!





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